A small revolution

"How can a male item of clothing, of basic necessity, be transformed into a "must have"?"

From this question, the company made a small revolution in the way, formal trousers are seen.
This is how PT01 Pantaloni Torino starts: an original brand, thought as a code but also able to recall the origins and the territory of where the initiative started.
A project aiming toward originality, so to bring male trousers, into the spotlight.


When conceiving the garment, the style plays a central role compared to the fabric. The items branded PT01 Pantaloni Torino are in fact characterized by distinctive details.
It all starts from an accurate research activity, accomplished in collaboration with "cool hunters" all around the world, in order to catch original ideas, to know what to work on, so, to perfect the items that can attract and give emotion to the buyer.
PT01 Pantaloni Torino mixes in a contemporary way, tailor-made quality and innovation, adding, just as the company loves to say "a touch of self-irony".
Following the latest market indications great importance is given to the research of detailed finishings, in order to give the high quality fabric, always used, a new and unique look.
It might be just in this "uniqueness" the reason of sucess for PT01.

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